Za Khladny Gory​.​.​. (Over the Mountains Cold​.​.​.​)




FS PROJEKT is the result of the creative effort and cooperation of its mastermind Efes with Oleg Mishin, a renowned Russian musician (Catharsis, O.M., End Zone, Specter, Mango-Mango, Razgruzhat Vagony).

While Efes comes out in it as the author of music, lyrics and arrangements as well as a guitarist and a bassist, Oleg Mishin’s province is that of a producer and a vocalist.

Moreover, Andrei Itschenko, an acclaimed Russian drummer (Paul Di Anno, Blaze Bayley, Catharsis, Hatecraft, Hieronymus Bosch, etc.) invited to do the drums, did his part with a touch of excellence.

Designed by Alexander Dronov, a legendary Russian keyboard player (Valkiriya, Zemlyane, Mango-Mango, End Zone, Specter), the keyboard sound has a full compass – from violins and French horns to thereminvox and ambient sounds.

As the songs are all fantasy-inspired, FS PROJEKT’s music can be attributed to epic fantasy-metal.

Therefore this kind of music is, first and foremost, intended for the fans of the fantasy genre in all its various forms, as well as for those who enjoy the beauty of rich heavy metal.

The project’s name is twofold: “FS” and “PROJEKT”. The first two letters “FS” stand for the author’s initials, while the word “PROJEKT” indicates that it is not a permanent line-up band but cooperation between Efes and various musicians.

A fervent fantasy reader and a devout metalhead, Efes came up with the idea of the project in 2006 and decided to bring his two passions together and incarnate them in music. This in mind, consistent and continuous songwriting began shortly. While working on the project, Efes was also taking guitar lessons from such brilliant tutors as Oleg Mishin and Tom Hess (ex-Rhapsody of Fire, Tom Hess Music Corporation, ex-HolyHell).

By the end of 2011 Efes had finished his first creations and invited Oleg Mishin as the project’s producer and vocalist.

On 1 September 2013, FS PROJEKT’s début EP “Rozhdeniye Maga” (The Birth of a Magus) was released. It comprises three songs: “Rozhdeniye Maga” (The Birth of a Magus), “Lyod” (Ice) and “Fingolfin”.
“Rozhdeniye Maga” (The Birth of a Magus) is based on the novel of the same title by Russian fantasy writer Nick Perumov.

“Lyod” (Ice) is not related to any particular fantasy universe. It is a reflection on the will to live. The track is centered on the dialogue between the Protagonist and the Death. And the author intentionally leaves it to the listener to interpret the meaning of the song as he might think fit: whether it is about actual physical death, or spiritual death while still being physically alive.

“Fingolfin” is based on one of the most dramatic scenes of J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion” – the battle between Fingolfin and Morgoth.
The “Rozhdeniye Maga” (The Birth of a Magus) EP received warm welcome both inside and outside Russia and many positive reviews.

Nick Perumov, author of the “Rozhdeniye Maga” (The Birth of a Magus) novel, acknowledged the EP on his official personal page at

15 November 2013 saw the release of the “Za Khladny Gory…” (Over the Mountains Cold…) special single dedicated to the upcoming premiere of the second movie of “The Hobbit” trilogy. This single is a tribute to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Sir Peter Robert Jackson and Howard Leslie Shore. The lyrics are Efes’ own liberal translation of Tolkien’s original so-called “Dwarven Song” from “The Hobbit” novel.


released November 15, 2013

Efes: music, lyrics, arrangements, guitars, bass

Oleg Mishin: vocals, flute, production
Andrei Itschenko: drums
Choirs: Oleg Mishin, Anna Mishina
Female vocals: Anna Mishina
Keyboard sound design: Alexander Dronov

Drums recorded at: “Orange Studio”, Sergei Velichkin (
Guitars, bass, flute & vocals recorded at: “O.M.-Studio”, Oleg Mishin (
Mixed & mastered at: “Chyorniy Obelisk Studio”, Dmitriy Borisenkov

Artwork & Graphic Design
Concept: Efes
Artwork & graphic design by: Paint Rock Design for Musicians (
Photos by: TatyanaShagina (
Post-processing of photos by: Pavel Chistyakov (|

1. Za Khladny Gory... (Over the Mountains Cold...)



all rights reserved


FS PROJEKT Moscow, Russia

FS PROJEKT is an independent original fantasy-metal project of Efes (a.k.a. FS) - a Russian composer, arranger, poet, producer, guitarist and bassist.

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Track Name: Za Khladny Gory... (Over the Mountains Cold...)
ZA KHLADNY GORY… (Over the Mountains Cold…)
Special Single “Za Khladny Gory…” (Over the Mountains Cold)
Music, arrangements and original Russian lyrics by Efes
© 2013, All Rights Reserved

The Russian lyrics of this song require no translation into English. The lyrics are themselves Efes’ own liberal translation of Tolkien’s original poem (the so-called “Dwarven Song”) from “The Hobbit”.

Source of the original poem:
J. R. R. Tolkien. The HOBBIT or There and Back Again. HarperCollinsPublishers, Paperback Edition, 1993. pp. 24-25.